Seeds: Black Women in Power

(Sementes: Mulheres pretas no poder)
Éthel Oliveira, Júlia Mariano | Documentary

2020 | 105 minutes | Brazil

The 2018 elections turned into the biggest political uprising led by Black women in Brazil's history, in response to the brutal execution of Marielle Franco.


The 2018 elections turned into the biggest political upheaval led by Black women that Brazil has ever seen, in response to the brutal execution of Rio de Janeiro city councilor and activist Marielle Franco. In every state, Black female politicians rose up against the growth of fascism in the country.

In Rio de Janeiro, Mônica Francisco, Rose Cipriano, Renata Souza, Jaqueline de Jesus, Tainá de Paula, and Talíria Petrone joined these unprecedented ranks by running for state and federal deputy offices. Seeds: Black Women in Power follows these women in various stages throughout their campaigns, transforming mourning into persistence and tenacity, and demonstrating the potential of a new politics that centers all marginalized peoples.


“Throughout the documentary, the audience truly gets a sense of how close-knit this community is. These women are putting their lives at risk to fight for what they know will provide a better future for those who have been shut out of power. But to honor Franco and all they stand for, they must take that risk in order to push forward. Though they may seem smaller than the most powerful political party, their strength comes from their community, the roots they have grown from.” – Chanel Cain, Kweli News

“Come[s] to show and reflect on a crucial issue of our time. In this case, structural racism, responsible for almost four centuries, for the marginalization of the majority of the Afro-Brazilian population.” – Camila Marins and Maria do Rosário Caetano, Black Brazil Today

Main credits

Mariano, Júlia (film director)
Oliveira, Éthel (film director)
Oliveira, Éthel (film producer)
Mazzi, Carolina (film producer)

Other credits

Cinematography, Marina Alves, Carol Matias, David Alves Mattos; editing, Mariana Penedo; music, Maíra Freitas.

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International Film Festival Turkey; NY African Film Festival; Onternational Festival of Afro Community in Medellin; Vancouver International Film Festival

DIRECTOR: Éthel Oliveira, Júlia Mariano


YEAR: 2020

GENRE: Documentary

LANGUAGE: Portuguese

COLOR / B&W: Color

GRADE LEVEL: Middle School, High School, College, Adults



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