The Dog Who Wouldn't Be Quiet

(El perro que no calla)
Ana Katz | Drama, Comedy, Fiction

2020 | 73 minutes | Argentina

An adventurous and bittersweet cinematic exploration of adulthood, love, loss, and fatherhood in a world rocked by a sudden catastrophe.


Acclaimed Argentine auteur Ana Katz’s funny, adventurous, and bittersweet new film follows Sebastian’s peaceful life as it begins to crumble when he loses his job because of his dog's barking. From that moment on, he begins to wander through life between different temporary jobs over the years. Years in which he will also know friendship, love, and fatherhood, until, unexpectedly, existence on earth is totally altered by a phenomenon from outer space, transforming the film into a dystopian satire about the future we will leave to new generations.

Photographed in stark black-and-white imagery, and awash in ruminative metaphor, Katz’s absurdist drama captures Sebastian’s midlife coming of age in slices of life both specific and universal as he struggles to adjust to a world that is perpetually changing. She uses the small scale of one man’s life to reflect upon larger ideas of memory, permanence, and the fleeting nature of time.


"A tiny, monochrome miracle of a movie that gives you years of life and change and mystery in 73 calm minutes." — Jessica Kiang, Variety

"There is real artistry here." — Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian

"An artful outlier." — Sheri Linden, The Hollywood Reporter

"Laced with plenty of farcical humor, this black-and-white, succinct ode to simple yet fulfilling living packs a delicate punch." — Carlos Aguilar,

"The Dog Who Wouldn't Be Quiet doesn't stop with the moment of apocalypse; it imagines a life afterward, which is oddly heartening." — Alissa Wilkinson, Vox

"Originality on a platter, with a tone that unites comedy with drama." — Lucía Martín Muñz, Escribiendo Cine

Main credits

Katz, Ana (film director)
Katz, Ana (film producer)
Katz, Ana (screenwriter)
Huberman, Laura (film producer)
Delgado Galiana, Gonzalo (screenwriter)
Katz, Daniel (actor)
Zylberberg, Julieta (actor)
Portaluppi, Carlos (actor)
Varela, Susana (actor)

Other credits

Director of photography, Gustavo Biazzi; editor, Andrés Tambornino; music, Nicolás Villamil.

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International Film Festival Rotterdam - Big Screen Award Winner
Sundance Film Festival
Mar del Plata Film Festival - Best Argentine Director, Best Latin American Film
Miami International Film Festival
Seattle International Film Festival - Special Jury Prize
Vienna International Film Festival



YEAR: 2020

GENRE: Drama, Comedy, Fiction


COLOR / B&W: Black and white

GRADE LEVEL: High School, College, Adults



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