The Price of Progress

(The Price of Progress)
Víctor Luengo | Documentary

2019 | 80 minutes | Spain

The Price of Progress forces viewers to confront the multifaceted interests at stake in the global food industry: power, money, and health.


In the urgent context that shapes much of the discourse on the future of agriculture in the E.U., The Price of Progress delves into the intricacies of the international food industry. This documentary exposes the intrigues, fears, emotions, and political pressures faced by corporate lobbies, politicians, esteemed scientists, and investigative journalists. As questions loom over the safety and regulation of food, the film asks: Who determines what is safe to eat? What role do genetically modified organisms play, and how do differing standards across continents impact global perspectives?

Despite America and Asia embracing GMOs, Europe remains cautious, prompting contentious debates. The film navigates the influence of lobbying in shaping food policies, prompting viewers to contemplate whether Europe's hesitance signifies prudence or reluctance to embrace progress. The film forces audiences to confront the interests at stake in the food industry: power, money, and above all, health.


"Explores the networks of the food industry in Europe from political to scientific pressures." —

"Corporate profits versus public health: how the agri-food lobby operates." — Laura Ruiz, El Salto Diario

"'The Price of Progress' is a documentary about power in capital letters." — Andrés Castaño, Frontera D

"The food lobbies expossed." — Ana Montes, Revista Cuerpomente

Main credits

Luengo, Víctor (film director)
Luengo, Víctor (screenwriter)
Luengo, Víctor (film producer)

Other credits

Cinematography, Víctor Luengo; editing, Carlos Agullo, Virginia Díaz, Víctor Luengo; music, Roberto Hg.

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Docs MX - Audience Award; SEMINCI Valladolid International Film Festival - Honourable Mention Green Spike; FICMEC International Environmental Film Festival of the Canary Islands - Best Documentary Award; DOCS Puebla - Audience Award; Raindance Film Festival

DIRECTOR: Víctor Luengo


YEAR: 2019

GENRE: Documentary

LANGUAGE: English; Spanish

COLOR / B&W: Color

GRADE LEVEL: Middle School, High School, College, Adult



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