Latin Wars

(América armada)
Alice Lanari, Pedro Asbeg | Documentary

2018 | 78 minutes | Brazil

Threatened with death, three activist in Brazil, Colombia, and Mexico fight against violence fueled by the State and the arms industry using information, awareness, and affection.


A visual demonstration of the "war on drugs" policy being carried out in various regions of Latin America. In Brazil, Mexico and Colombia, three direct victims of the violence of this system join forces to alert and raise awareness of the catastrophic public security situation in their respective countries. The film is exactly the right distance from emotion and reflection.

The documentary follows Brazilian activist Raul Santiago, who has founded several social projects as a human rights defender; Mexican photojournalist Beto Walls, who covers social movements throughout Latin America and lives with the constant threat of being a journalist in the most dangerous country to practice this profession; and Teresita Gaviria, founder of Madres de La Candelaria and mother of Juan Camilo, who disappeared 18 years ago, a victim of state violence in Colombia.

Main credits

Lanari, Alice (screenwriter)
Lanari, Alice (film director)
Asbeg, Pedro (screenwriter)
Asbeg, Pedro (film director)

Other credits

Cinematographer, Pablo Baião; editor, Pedro Asbeg; music, Ricardo Cotrim.

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DocsMX - Honorable Mention; Festival Guarnice de Cinema - Best Documentary, Best Script; Brazilia Film Festival; DocSp, Addis International Film Festival, Cine FestBrasil de Montevideo, Festival of New LatAm Cinema

DIRECTOR: Alice Lanari, Pedro Asbeg


YEAR: 2018

GENRE: Documentary

LANGUAGE: Portuguese; Spanish

COLOR / B&W: Color

GRADE LEVEL: College, Adults



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