On the Other Side

(Del otro lado )
Iván Guarnizo | Documentary

2021 | 83 minutes | Colombia, France

Two brothers decide to venture on a journey to find the FARC guerrillas who kept their mother captured for 2 years.


Two brothers decide to venture on a journey to find the FARC guerrillas who kept their mother captured for 2 years. Before her death, she forgave her captors, which made the two brothers wonder if they could also forgive, if they could find and talk to the guerrillas who guarded her. With the help of the diary that she had been allowed to write during her capture they locate places, deciphered names and begin a journey through jungles and mountains following the trail of their mother’s pain, which also happened to be the path to forgiveness.


"This is a powerful work that turns a long and arduous conflict (...), into an intimate and personal case, allowing us to try to understand the history of a country. (...)" - André Didyme-Dome, Rolling Stone Colombia

Main credits

Guarnizo, Iván (film director)
Guarnizo, Iván (screenwriter)
Callabero, Jorge (film producer)
De La Chica, Pablo (film producer)
Polo, Nuria (screenwriter)

Other credits

Cinematography, Carlos Villaoslada; editing, Iván Guarnizo, Ariadna Ribas; music, Nicolás Muñoz M.

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Thessaloniki Documentary Film Festival - Golden Alexander – Dimitri Eipides award + Human Values Award; Malaga International Film Festival - Special Jury Mention, Audience Award; Amazonia and Caribbean International Documentary Film Festival - The FIFAC France Télévisions Grand Prize; Perugia Social Film Festival - Special Jury Award; Monterrey International Film Festival - Special Jury Mention; Lichter Filmfest Frankfurt - Audience Award; HotDocs; International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam; DOC NYC; Thessaloniki Documentary Film Festival; Favorites Film Festival Germany

DIRECTOR: Iván Guarnizo

NATIONALITY: Colombia, France

YEAR: 2021

GENRE: Documentary


COLOR / B&W: Color

GRADE LEVEL: Middle School, High School, College, Adult



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