The Invisible Hand

(La mano invisible)
David Macián | Drama, Fiction

2016 | 83 minutes | Spain

With impeccable performances and a surprising ending, The Invisible Hand is an astonishing parable of work in contemporary society.


An industrial warehouse is turned into a stage. Eleven ordinary professionals are hired to do their work in front of an audience with apparent normality: a mason, a butcher, a seamstress, a teleoperator, a waiter, a mechanic, a computer operator, and a cleaner. Meanwhile, from the darkness of the auditorium, dozens of visitors observe the 'wonderful' work show. Work of art, reality show, macabre experiment: they do not know what they've got into, nor who is the hand that moves the strings in that wicked theater.

With impeccable performances and a surprising ending, the adaptation of the novel by Isaac Rosa is an astonishing parable of work in contemporary society.


"Brave, honest, and needed." — Jordi Batlle Caminal, Fotograma

"Macián has made an utterly interesting film about the work demon that crushes us." — Javier Ocaña, El País

"Harsh criticism of job insecurity and the relationship between representation and reality" — Quim Casas, El Periódico

"A painfully current movie...A fascinating film." — Eduardo Galán, Cinemanía

"Definitive proof that, in order to make a good film, you only need one thing: have something to tell." — La Inercia

Main credits

Macián, David (film director)
Macián, David (film producer)
Macián, David (screenwriter)
Santa-Cruz, Bárbara (actor)
Pérez Prada, Daniel (actor)
Gelabert, Elisabet (actor)
Ortega Arjonilla, Esther (actor)
Torrijo, José Luis (actor)
Pomeroy, Bruto (actor)
Callejo, Luis (actor)
Salas, Marina (actor)
Larralde, Marta (actor)
Joulin Fallon, Christen (actor)
Cortázar, Daniel (screenwriter)

Other credits

Cinematography, Fernando Fernández; editor, Daniel Cortázar.

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Tarragona International Film Festival - Audience Award, Young Jury's Best Film
Zaragoza Film Festival - Best International Feature Film
Panorama Internacional Coisa de Cinema - Best International Feature Film
Toulouse Cinespaña Film Festival - Best New Director
FEST New Directors New Films Festival - Special Jury Mention
San Sebastián International Film Festival

DIRECTOR: David Macián


YEAR: 2016

GENRE: Drama, Fiction


COLOR / B&W: Color

GRADE LEVEL: High School, College, Adults



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