Cows Wearing Glasses

(Las vacas con gafas)
Alex Santiago Pérez | Drama, Fiction

2014 | 90 minutes | Puerto Rico

Directed by one of the most talented emerging filmmakers coming out of the new wave of Puerto Rican cinema, Cows Wearing Glasses uses a subtle sense of humor to touch upon issues of aging.


Directed by one of the most talented emerging filmmakers coming out of the new wave of Puerto Rican cinema, Cows Wearing Glasses uses a subtle sense of humor to touch upon issues of aging.

Marso, a lonely, eccentric painter and art professor, is losing his sight. As the world as he knows it comes to an end, he is now forced to re-examine an existence filled with professional successes but unsatisfying personal relationships. He tries to reestablish a relationship with his only daughter while his thoughts are filled with longing for simpler times.

The fear and uncertainty of what lies ahead have left an imprint on his psyche, and maybe even on his morals.

With an impeccable performance by Daniel Lugo as Marso, Cows Wearing Glasses is a reflexive tale of a man facing the inevitable.


"Santiago Pérez effectively uses humor to ponder on questions that creative individuals, not just artists, may ask themselves in their day-to-day practice...The fact that the main character is an artist makes possible a rich exploration of the aesthetics of film as an art form, while also providing playful commentary on serious issues of creativity and their relevance in life. The film is effectively a metaphorical mirror in which the subjects appear playfully uncomfortable and real. " — Eduardo Navas, The Huffington Post

"Although dealing with a profoundly dramatic situation, the story is subtly understated by amusing flashes. Sentimentality plays no role in this personal drama, which suits the grumpy and unbending character of the protagonist. The filmmaker has a gift of briefly putting the audience on the wrong track and surprising him again and again by unexpected incidents." — James Napier Robertson, Curaçcao International Film Festival Rotterdam

"Evokes silent cinema in its elemental story and emotional directness, and Daniel Lugo's lead performance - rooted in precise, expressive body language - strengthens that connection." — Ben Sachs, Chicago Reader

Main credits

Santiago Perez, Alex (filmmaker)
Santiago Perez, Alex (screenwriter)
Santiago Perez, Alex (film producer)
Anibal Vázquez, Carlos (film producer)
Lugo, Daniel (actor)
Soler, Cristina (actor)
Carbonell, Raúl (actor)

Other credits

Cinematography, PJ López; editor, Javier Maldonado Ríos.

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FEMI Guadeloupe International Film Festival - Best Film
Curaçao International Film Festival Rotterdam - The Yellow Robin Award for Emerging Filmmakers
Sight & Sound BFI International Film Magazine - Best Films of 2015
Rotterdam Film Festival
Chicago Latino Film Festival
The Montréal World Film Festival

DIRECTOR: Alex Santiago Pérez


YEAR: 2014

GENRE: Drama, Fiction


COLOR / B&W: Color

GRADE LEVEL: High School, College, Adults



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