Through Ernesto's Eyes

(Aos Olhos de Ernesto)
Ana Luiza Azevedo | Drama

2019 | 100 minutes | Brazil

Ernesto, an 80-year-old Uruguayan photographer living in Brazil, has been facing the realities of aging such as loneliness and advancing blindness.


Ernesto, an eighty-year-old Uruguayan photographer living in Brazil, has been facing the troubles of old age such as loneliness and an increasing blindness he thinks he can hide from everyone.

As days go by, he realizes that growing old may also mean to have fun with one’s ghosts, to indulge oneself in the blurred images of blindness, to feel young again with the fresh company of a young neighbor trying to discover life. And that it may not be too late to explore the possibility of an old love never forgotten.


"This movie is like a beautiful cello solo punctuated here and there by light touches of piccolo. It's set in Porto Alegre, but it's as if it's always looking at the soft melancholy of Montevideo. It is a work of full maturity in the balanced handling of emotions and the cohesion of all the elements." — Carlos Alberto Mattos, Carta Maior

"'Through Ernesto's Eyes' endears, involves, provokes laughter and tears (even in the same scene, depending on how sensitive you are during this pandemic), surprises and enchants." — Celso Sabadin, Planeta Tela

"There are some truly moving moments, such as when, in the middle of an urban poetry soiree packed with young people, Ernesto opens up in public to recite a poem by Mario Benedetti." — Bernardo Brum, Cineplayers

Main credits

Acevedo, Ana Luiza (film director)
Acevedo, Ana Luiza (screenwriter)
Furtado, Jorge (screenwriter)
Bolani, Jorge (actor)
Poester, Gabriela (actor)
Andrade, Júlio (actor)

Other credits

Cinematography, Glauco Firpo; editing, Giba Assis Brasil; music, Leo Henkin.

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São Paulo International Film Festival - Critics Prize; Punta del Este International Film Festival - Audience Award, Best Actor; Busan International Film Festival; Havana Film Festival

DIRECTOR: Ana Luiza Azevedo


YEAR: 2019

GENRE: Drama

LANGUAGE: Portuguese

COLOR / B&W: Color

GRADE LEVEL: Middle School, High School, College, Adult



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