Cacu: A Change for Life

(Cacú: un cambio por la vida)
Marvin del Cid | Documentary

2018 | 79 minutes | Dominican Republic

With electrifying images, Cacu: A Change for Life follows five fishermen from Manresa, a poor neighborhood to the West of Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic, as they learn from marine biologist Omar Shamir Reynoso's one-of-a-kind plan to protect nesting sea turtles.


What does it take to transform a sea turtle nest predator into a conservationist of the endangered species?

With electrifying images, Cacu: A Change for Life follows five fishermen from Manresa, a poor neighborhood to the West of Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic, as they learn from marine biologist Omar Shamir Reynoso's one-of-a-kind plan to protect nesting sea turtles. With the scientist's guidance and the community's collaboration, the fishermen become sea turtle advocates and custodians in this story of conservation success.

Environmental and social problems intertwine as we learn about the biology of endangered sea turtles, and the social and economical challenges of a vulnerable neighborhood. Cacu is a hopeful environment story of success and inclusion.


"The life of the fishermen, but above all the beautiful evolution of the relationship between man and nature pass in front of the spectator's eyes." — Alfonso Quiñones, Diario Libre

"The project...demonstrates that a community's poverty is irrelevant when there is commitment to the conservation of natural resources and endangered species. A prejudice that has accompanied writer-director Del Cid, until learning about the work of marine biologist Omar Shamir Reynoso and the fishermen." — Jorge Pérez Orsini, Diario Libre

Main credits

Cid, Marvin del (film director)
Cid, Marvin del (screenwriter)
Pérez, Sarah (film producer)
Mustonen, Pablo (film producer)

Other credits

Cinematography, Marvin Del Cid; editor, Bhima Gandica, Luis Cepeda, Marvin del Cid; music, David Vasquez.

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Green Vision Environmental Film Festival - Grand Prix
RushDoc Documentary Film Festival - Social Media Fan Choice - Best Documentary, Audience Award
Icaro Central America Film Festival
DC Environmental Film Festival
United Nations - Celebrating World Turtle Day

DIRECTOR: Marvin del Cid

NATIONALITY: Dominican Republic

YEAR: 2018

GENRE: Documentary


COLOR / B&W: Color

GRADE LEVEL: High School, College, Adults



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