Panther Women

(Las mujeres panteras)
René Cardona | Fiction, Science Fiction, Thriller, Classic

1967 | 88 minutes | Mexico

Panther women are worshipers of Satan and perform rituals in their honor and sacrifice. The fighters will face them up and down the ring.



A bunch of satanic and glamorous werepanthers are tirelessly waging war against the descendants of the druid who once killed the ancient leader of their cult. The druid's lineage must be wiped out in order for their master to return from the dead! The number of descendants are growing slimmer by the minute, but luckily the crimefighting Luchadora duo of Golden Rubi and Gloria Venus are ready to help the last remaining descendants! Satanists the panther ladies may be, but a good leglock can solve anything. Oh, and an off-brand Santo is also there to help. Angel is his name. Things are about to get pretty crazy!

This film is part of The Permanencia Voluntaria Archives, which main objective is to rescue, preserve, and restore the popular cinema of Mexico's cinematographic history.

Main credits

Cardona, René (film director)
Salazar, Alfredo (screenwriter)
Welter, Ariadne (actor)
Campbell, Elizabeth (actor)
Montes, Yolanda (actor)

Other credits

Cinematography, Agustín Jiménez; editing, Jorge Busto; music, Antonio Diaz Conde.

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Academy Film Museum; Locarno Film Festival; Morelia Film Festival

DIRECTOR: René Cardona


YEAR: 1967

GENRE: Fiction, Science Fiction, Thriller, Classic


COLOR / B&W: Black and white

GRADE LEVEL: High School, College, Adult



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