The Phantom of the Monastery

(El fantasma del convento)
Fernando de Fuentes | Fiction, Drama, Classic, Thriller

1934 | 81 minutes | Mexico

The sexual tension between a trio of friends is being punished by the super natural experiences at an abandoned convent.



Eduardo's wife, Cristina, tries to seduce their friend, Alfonso. One night, they lose their way and are guided by a mysterious stranger to an eerie monastery. Over a meal, the old Father Superior tells them the story of a monk who seduced a friend's wife: when he died, the monk could not find peace in death and returned to his cursed cell. Alfonso, about to give in to Cristina's advances, finds the fateful cell and enters it. The sinful monk's mummified corpse gestures towards a book dripping with blood. When the cadaver of Eduardo appears to him as well, Alfonso sinks into a delirium. When he wakes, the trio find out that the monastery has been a ruin for many years and the crypt with the mummified monk has become a tourist attraction. During a final meal in the spectral setting, Cristina accuses Alfonso of cowardice.

This film is part of The Permanencia Voluntaria Archives, which main objective is to rescue, preserve, and restore the popular cinema of Mexico's cinematographic history.

Main credits

Fuentes, Fernando de (film director)
Fuentes, Fernando de (screenwriter)
Pezet, Jorge (screenwriter)
Bustillo Oro, Juan (screenwriter)
Ruel, Marta (actor)
Campo, Enrique del (actor)
Villatoro, Carlos (actor)

Other credits

Cinematography, Ross Fisher; editing, Fernando de Fuentes; music, Max Urban.

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LA in LA

DIRECTOR: Fernando de Fuentes


YEAR: 1934

GENRE: Fiction, Drama, Classic, Thriller


COLOR / B&W: Black and white

GRADE LEVEL: High School, College, Adult



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