Extra Terrestres

(Extra terrestres)
Carla Cavina | Comedy, Drama, Fiction, Romance

2017 | 110 minutes | Venezuela, Puerto Rico

Teresa, an astrophysicist, goes back to her family in Puerto Rico to invite them to her wedding. This is not an easy task after years of tension, but a star 2.5 million light years away will help to bring them all together again.


Teresa is a vegetarian and a successful astrophysicist who lives with her girlfriend, Daniela, in the Canary Islands. After years of self-exile, Teresa returns to Puerto Rico to invite the family to her wedding. But the Díaz family, who lives in a rural town, are a conservative and well-to-do family who control much of the poultry industry in Puerto Rico.

No one in the family is what who they appear and none is willing to reveal their most intimate secrets, so once back home, Teresa chooses to lie. When several acts of sabotage force the closure of the family business and Daniela, tired of waiting for Teresa, travels to Puerto Rico to meet her new family, the Díaz family nucleus collapses like a supernova star, unleashing a chain reaction that puts in evidence that we are all "extraterrestrials."


"Caught between a secret to share and a family crisis, this impressive debut from filmmaker Carla Cavina is at once a lesbian love story, a family drama, and an ode to the magic of the vast and unknowable cosmos." —  Vancouver Queer Film Festival

"An impressive debut for Puerto Rican filmmaker Carla Cavina. Local actors Marisé Alvarez and Sunshine Logroñ shine in this well-done meditation on the country's current economic and existential crisis." — Fico Cangiano, CineXpress

"Director Carla Cavina Meléndez brings a warm, authentic tone to the familial interactions of the film, highlighting the ways in which sibling and parental love can be obfuscated by surface level tensions. The film's strength is in that emotional core." — Imad Pasha, The Daily Californian

Main credits

Cavina, Carla (film director)
Cavina, Carla (screenwriter)
Álvarez, Marisé (actor)
Maduro, Prakriti (actor)
Herrera-Delgado, Hiram (actor)
Logroño, Emmanuel (actor)
Alemán, Laura (actor)
Alemañy, Mauricio (actor)
Collazo Díaz, Yamil (actor)
Agûero-Joubert, Eyra (actor)
Escobar, Elba (actor)

Other credits

Cinematography, PJ López; editors, Diego Cardier, Carla Cavina; music, Omar Silva.

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Shine Film Festival Miami - Best Picture
Cineffable Film Festival Paris - Audience Award
Puerto Rico Queer Film Festival - Audience Award
Inside Out LGTB Toronto Film Festival
Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival

DIRECTOR: Carla Cavina

NATIONALITY: Venezuela, Puerto Rico

YEAR: 2017

GENRE: Comedy, Drama, Fiction, Romance


COLOR / B&W: Color

GRADE LEVEL: High School, College, Adults



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