A Place Called Music

(Un lugar llamado música)
Enrique M. Rizo | Documentary

2022 | 88 minutes | Mexico

The captivating musical encounter between American composer Philip Glass and Mexican Wixárika musician Daniel Medina.


A captivating documentary that explores the unexpected bond between Philip Glass, one of the most influential composers of our time, and Daniel Medina, a traditional Wixárika violinist from the mountains of Jalisco, Mexico.

Despite their apparent differences, Daniel and Philip find common ground through music, embarking on a unique collaboration that merges Wixárika tradition with contemporary composition. Through rehearsals and performances in iconic venues across Mexico and New York, the film showcases the fusion of Daniel's ancestral melodies with the grand piano, marking a groundbreaking moment in musical history.

Despite language barriers, their music becomes a universal language, creating a shared space where their spirits connect and resonate with each other.


"Music in itself is a path. If I want to learn about a culture, the quickest way for me is to start with the music [...] What happened over time is that the music Daniel and I played began to influence us. So when we play together, we listen to each other." — Philip Glass

"A cinematic journey into indigenous culture." — Rukmini Raman, The Lawrentian

“Mexico would be very different if there were more films like this.” — Álvaro Cuevas, Milenio

"Rizo...settled on allowing the music to be the protagonist of the story. He mentioned that racism, anti-indigenous sentiment and preservation of culture were all pertinent topics to the Wixárika, but [Rizo] wanted to focus 'on what they had instead of what they did not'." — Rukmini Raman, The Laurentian

Main credits

Rizo, Enrique M. (film director)
Rizo, Enrique M. (screenwriter)
Danse, Patrick (screenwriter)
Cuevas, Cathia (film producer)
Medina de la Rosa, Daniel (on-screen participant)
Glass, Philip (on-screen participant)

Other credits

Cinematography, Iván Vilchis Ibarra; editing, Patrick Danse; music, Philip Glass, Daniel Medina de la Rosa.

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Morelia International Film Festival; Shanghai International Film Festival; AMBULANTE Film Festival; Doqumenta Querétaro International Film Festival - Jury’s Award; Icaro International Film Festival - Best International Documentary; Zaragoza International Film Festival

DIRECTOR: Enrique M. Rizo


YEAR: 2022

GENRE: Documentary

LANGUAGE: English; Spanish; Indigenous languages; Other languages

COLOR / B&W: Color

GRADE LEVEL: Adult, College, High School, Middle School



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