The Candidate

(El candidato)
Daniel Hendler | Comedy, Drama, Fiction

2017 | 84 minutes | Argentina, Uruguay

Tells the story of Martín, the son of a wealthy businessman, who starts prepping his candidacy for office. In order to distance himself from the reputation of his father, he decides to form a new party that speaks for the common man, and hires a team of PR hotshots to craft his new image.


In this wry and timely political comedy of manners, Martín Marchand, the son of a wealthy businessman, retreats to his lavish, secluded family estate with his most trusted confidants to start prepping his candidacy for office. In order to distance himself from the reputation of his father, he decides to form a new party that speaks for the common man, and hires a team of PR hotshots to craft his new image. Soon after their arrival, however, the creatives assigned to form his media presence begin to elicit Martín’s suspicion, and paranoia slowly takes hold. Directed by Uruguayan actor/director Daniel Hendler, The Candidate is a pitch-perfect political comedy that explores the creation of a political persona that is all form and no content.


"Stop me if you've heard this one: The titular candidate of high-profile Argentinean actor/director Daniel Hendler's second feature is a white, slightly overweight, middle-aged, super-wealthy businessman who wants to be president. Which gives the wry, low-key satire The Candidate the instant advantage of the now... This remains a mordantly witty take on a thoroughly contemporary issue, a glimpse into a behind-the-scenes reality everyone knows exists and which is here engagingly and perceptively rendered." — Jonathan Holland, The Hollywood Reporter

"A sharp, sly take on the construction of a candidate's image, as an ensemble cast becomes part of trying to make a privileged man look relatable to middle-class voters. The comedy, from co-writer/director Daniel Hendler, uses a wide cast to great effect, with various twists and sustainable silliness as the mission starts to implode. As the movie has a fine darkly comedic tone, its charismatic cast makes it even more watchable." — Nick Allen,

"Hendler shines as a screenwriter by surrounding the protagonist with an entertaining circle of characters that cohabit uncomfortably. The cast is brilliant at getting the right tone between disconcert and comedy." — Mariangel Solomita, El País

"A political satire that is fiercer than it looks." — Gonzalo Curbelo, La Diaria

Main credits

Hendler, Daniel (film director)
Hendler, Daniel (screenwriter)
Katz, Ana (actor)
Paula, Diego de (actor)
Singer, Matías (actor)
Solé, Micaela (film producer)

Other credits

Cinematography, Lucio Bonelli; editor, Andrés Tambornino; music, Matías Singer.

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Miami Film Festival - Best Director; Knight Competition
Havana Film Festival New York - Best Screenplay
San Pablo Latin American Film Festival - Best International Co-production
San Sebastián Film Festival
Buenos Aires International Independent Film Festival
Málaga Film Festival

DIRECTOR: Daniel Hendler

NATIONALITY: Argentina, Uruguay

YEAR: 2017

GENRE: Comedy, Drama, Fiction


COLOR / B&W: Color

GRADE LEVEL: High School, College, Adults



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