Album for the Youth

(Álbum para la juventud)
Malena Solarz | Fiction, Drama, Comedy

2021 | 82 minutes | Argentina

Pedro & Sol, fresh out of high school, embrace their passions: Sol revisits music, and Pedro secretly dives into writing. Unbeknownst, they mature.


In her solo debut feature, director Malena Solarz takes a surprising, gentle, altogether gratifying approach to the coming-of-age genre. Encouraging naturalistic performances from her charming cast and using a rigorously unshowy visual approach, Solarz explores how young people navigate their creative impulses, focusing on Sol and Pedro, who, during summer break after high school graduation, prepare for possible futures as, respectively, a musician and a playwright. 

Drifting through tiny, mundane moments of connection and personal growth, exam preparations, and writing workshops, Album for the Youth eschews predictable narrative beats of revelation; rather than being exalted, the artistic endeavor is treated as a natural part of the human condition. - New Directors/New Films-MoMA


"Inspired scenes, beautiful gestures, and intelligent observations about small rites of passage between adolescence and impending adulthood." - Diego Battle,

"A coming-of-age film without a sense of urgency." - Milagros Amondaray, La Nación

Main credits

Solarz, Malena (film director)
Solarz, Malena (screenwriter)
Canepari, Santiago (actor)
Rausch, Ariel (actor)

Other credits

Cinematography, Fernando Lockett; music, Julián Solarz.

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Ventana Sur - Best Film Primer Corte; Mar del Plata International Film Festival; Jeonju International Film Festival ; New Directors/New Films; Uruguay International Film Festival; D´Autor Festival Barcelona -Filmin; Sé_Cine Segovia; Cinemancia Metropolitan Film Festival; Quito Iberoamerican Free Film Festival; Novos Cinemas - Pontevedra International Film Festival; Black Canvas Contemporary Film Festival - Nowadays

DIRECTOR: Malena Solarz


YEAR: 2021

GENRE: Fiction, Drama, Comedy


COLOR / B&W: Color

GRADE LEVEL: Middle School, High School, College, Adults



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