When You No Longer Love Me

(Cuando dejes de quererme)
Igor Legarreta Gómez | Fiction, Romance

2018 | 101 minutes | Spain

While investigating her father's death, Laura learns of the Spanish hard times during the ETA's war against the Franquist Regime, and her family's possible involvement in those crimes.


Laura is a doctor who lives in Buenos Aires with Fredo, her stepfather, after the recent death of her mother. After receiving a call from her uncle about the unexpected discovery of the corpse of Laura's long-time missing father, both travel to the Basque Country. It was believed that in 1969 he left Spain and his family, after retiring all the family's money from the bank. The cause of death is a gunshot in the neck. After failing to convince the Ertzaina (Basque Country's local police) to re-open the cold case, Laura decides to investigate on her own. She discovers not only the hard times Spain went through due to the terrorist group ETA and its war against Franquist Regime and the Civil Guard, but also the possible involvement of her family in those crimes.


"A film about historical memory and the need to reconcile with one's roots (...) Discreet, but at the same time effective, we could define it as a Basque transcript of El secreto de sus ojos" — El Periódico

"Flor Torrente lends her childish fragility with excellent results (...) A solvent thriller that excites and teaches history lessons" — Cinemanía

"Flor Torrente is stupendous (...) The film does not force the love story (...) plays the parts of the thriller well, and exudes a sweet sadness that goes well with the soul of this woman who is always on the defensive." — Fotogramas

Main credits

Legarreta, Igor (film director)
Echániz, Javier (screenwriter)
Guerricaechebarría, Asier (screenwriter)
Iriarte, Ion (screenwriter)
Bernuy, Belén (film producer)
Torrente, Flor (actor)
Esparbé, Miki (actor)
Blanco, Eduardo (actor)

Other credits

Cinematography, Imanol Nabea; editing, Alejandro Lázaro; music, Lucio Godoy.

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Seattle Latino Film Festival 

DIRECTOR: Igor Legarreta Gómez


YEAR: 2018

GENRE: Fiction, Romance


COLOR / B&W: Color

GRADE LEVEL: Middle School, High School, College, Adults



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