Manuel Rossell, Lucas Moro | Documentary

2022 | 113 minutes | Spain

2,237 people discovered in a mass grave in a Valencian town. It's been 80 years. Will there ever be justice?


Fusilados delves deep into heart-wrenching forgotten history, shedding light on the atrocities committed against 2,237 individuals, murdered in cold blood and discarded into unmarked graves. For eighty years, their stories were buried with them. As the documentary unravels, it confronts the haunting truth of their fate and the enduring silence surrounding their memory. Through powerful testimonies and painstaking reconstructions, directors Lucas Moro and Manuel Rossell expose the double standards of a society that condemns genocide abroad while turning a blind eye to its own history of grave injustices.

Bearing witness to the resilience of survivors and the unwavering dedication of families seeking closure, the film challenges us to accept past truths and consider justice for those denied it. With stirring visuals and an unflinching narrative, Fusilados urges audiences to tackle the collective responsibility of memory and the need for reconciliation in the face of tragedy.

Main credits

Rossell, Manuel (film director)
Moro, Lucas (film director)
Jenner, Miguel Ángel (narrator)

Other credits

Cinematography, Lucas Moro, Federico Taus; editing, Manuel Rossell.

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DocsValencia - Special Mention; Málaga Film Festival

DIRECTOR: Manuel Rossell, Lucas Moro


YEAR: 2022

GENRE: Documentary

LANGUAGE: Catalan; Spanish; Other languages

COLOR / B&W: Color

GRADE LEVEL: High School, College, Adult



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