Triana, Pure and Pure

(Triana, pura y pura)
Ricardo Pachón | Documentary, Musical

2013 | 82 minutes | Spain

This joyful film memorializes the end of an indomitable lineage in a unique flamenco soiree, transformed into a tribute to a disappeared world.


As early as in the 15th century, the Roma settled in Seville’s district of Triana. In their poor courtyards and craftsmen’s workshops, the purest and wildest Andalusian flamenco was born. The gypsies of Triana were expelled from their neighborhood in the ‘50s, destroying the local communities. On the 20th anniversary of the expulsion, the Roma organized a big farewell concert with the greatest flamenco masters from Triana performing on stage.

This joyful film memorializes the end of an indomitable lineage in a unique flamenco soiree, transformed into a tribute to a disappeared world.


"This riveting documentary...truly captures the resilient spirit of the persecuted gypsies of Spain and of the lasting legacy of their music and culture. Triana: Pure and Pure would be an invaluable resource for university students interested in Spanish culture, music, and dance." — Dana Ward, Anthropology Review Database

"Pachón's film is full of magic, joy for the reencounter, and art in pure state." — Alfonso Cardenal, Ser Station

"Don'tt miss the hallucinatory instant of Triana Pure and Pure, or you will lose eternity." — Mercedes de Pablos, El Correo

"An insight into an indomitable lineage that celebrated life despite adversity." — Braulio Ortiz, Seville Diary

Main credits

Pachón, Ricardo (film director)
Pachón, Ricardo (screenwriter)
Pachón, Ricardo (on-screen participant)
Iglesias, Gervasio (screenwriter)
Amador, Raimundo (on-screen participant)
Manuel (on-screen participant)
Coral, Matilde (on-screen participant)
Lérida, José (on-screen participant)

Other credits

Cinematography, Juan Manuel Linares, Mariano Agudo; editor, Mercedes Cantero.

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Latin Grammy Award - Best Documentary Film Nominee
Music Documentary International Film Festival of Barcelona (INEDIT) - Best National Documentary
Andalusian Memory Documentary Creation Contest - Imagenera Award
New York Flamenco Film Festival
Buenos Aires International Festival of Independent Cinema (BAFICI)
Flamenco Festival of Nimes France

DIRECTOR: Ricardo Pachón


YEAR: 2013

GENRE: Documentary, Musical


COLOR / B&W: Color

GRADE LEVEL: High School, College, Adults



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