Without Prescription

(Receta no incluida)
Juliana Maité | Drama

2022 | 83 minutes | Puerto Rico

Olivia's obsessive-compulsive voice in her head, which was under control, suddenly returns, prompting a search for the pills that once helped.


Olivia is getting ready for her family’s Christmas Eve party. But the obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) voice in her head, which has been under control for some time, suddenly returns, prompting a desperate search for the pills that have helped her in the past.

The lack of health insurance forces Olivia to reach out to her friend Jessica – whom she met years ago in a mental institution. Jessica introduces her to David, the town’s pharmacist’s son, who agrees to sell her the pills.

Trapped inside David’s apartment by a rainstorm, the two strangers start uncovering truths about each other and begin a healing process that doesn’t necessarily involve pills.

An achievement for Puerto Rican cinema, Without Prescription provokes a heated and productive conversation about mental health and health insurance systems.


“An untypical Christmas movie that is refreshingly saccharine free. I loved the imagery and Puerto Rican Christmas carols, which make it another unique feature for your holiday viewing. This is an insightful drama with great performances and wildfire of talent on display.” – Michael Talbot-Haynes, FILM THREAT

“Without Prescription offers a glimpse into the daily struggles of OCD sufferers. It illuminates a condition which is often misunderstood but is in fact isolating and overwhelming, and incredibly difficult to control. The film confronts and corrects these misconceptions and alludes to other mental health problems to suggest that, by being open about our mental health, we can start to heal.” – Izzy Hollingdale, SOUNDS AND COLOURS

“This newest addition to Puerto Rico’s filmography dares to paint a story that is so human it’s both intimate in nature and explosive in its commentary.” – Josie Meléndez, SCREEN SPECK

“Maite’s tasteful direction in Without Prescription is why this involved story works so well. She manages to build an intimate setting with such an obstructive disorder that it’s hard not to become immersed by Olivia’s healing process and her fight for mental freedom.” – Patrice Witherspoon, POP CULTURE REVIEWS

Main credits

Maité, Juliana (film director)
Vélez, Marietere (screenwriter)
Vélez, Marietere (actor)
Liella, Vilma (film producer)
Leyva, Gabriel (actor)

Other credits

Cinematography, Arturo Juarez Aguilar; editing, Carlos Aponte; music, Ismael Cancel, Séptimo Piso.

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SXSW Film Festival - Audience Award; Huelva Ibero-American Film Festival - Silver Colon Best Ensemble Performance; Chicago Latino Film Festival; New York Latino Film Festival; Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival LALIFF; AFI Latin American Film Festival

DIRECTOR: Juliana Maité


YEAR: 2022

GENRE: Drama


COLOR / B&W: Color

GRADE LEVEL: High School, College, Adult



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