Meritxell Colell Aparicio | Drama, Experimental

2022 | 107 minutes | Spain, Spain, Argentina, France, Chile

Set against the backdrop of the Argentine and Chilean Andes, Duo follows two seasoned dancers at personal and professional crossroads.


Set against the backdrop of the breathtaking Andes landscapes of Argentina and Chile, Duo follows Monica and Colate, seasoned dancers who find themselves at a crossroads in both their personal and professional lives.

As they journey through the Northern Argentina carnivals and the Atacama Desert on their final tour after 25 years together, Monica begins to confront the distance that has grown between them.

What starts as a desperate attempt to save their relationship by clinging to a promise soon becomes a profound exploration of love, loss, and the courage to forge one's own path. As the Andean landscapes serve as a metaphor for their stagnant relationship, Monica and Colate must confront the reality that sometimes loving means knowing how to let go.

A powerful portrait of the complexities of long-term relationships but also a poignant meditation on the transformative power of the journey itself, “Duo” explores themes of love, resilience, and the pursuit of personal truth.


"A fierce filmmaker defendant of “cinema as experience”, Meritxell Collell second film is a poetic journey in which she once again captures her obsession with physicality, dance, bodies, cinema, super 8 films, and the telluric forces (aka emotions) that surround us." - Cinema Atic

“Meritxell Colell confirms as a unique director in the Spanish film panorama” – Cinemania

Main credits

Colell Aparicio, Meritxell (film director)
Colell Aparicio, Meritxell (screenwriter)
Brugueras, Carles (film producer)
Sánchez Silvero, Belén (film producer)
García, Mónica (actor)
Cunill, Gonzalo (actor)

Other credits

Cinematography, Sol Lopatín; editing, Meritxell Colell Aparicio, Ana Pfaff.

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Meritxell Colell is considered part of the generation of talented female directors in Spain and was selected for the Cannes Cinéfondation Atelier to develop her first feature film "Con el viento" which premiered at the 68th Berlinale and received the Silver Biznaga at the Malaga Film Festival.

DIRECTOR: Meritxell Colell Aparicio

NATIONALITY: Spain, Spain, Argentina, France, Chile

YEAR: 2022

GENRE: Drama, Experimental


COLOR / B&W: Color

GRADE LEVEL: Middle School, High School, College, Adult



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